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Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield Media
Austin, TX
Paleontologist turned psychedelic "performance philosopher," Michael Garfield's mind-expanding work maps the evolutionary landscape and our place in it. Senior editor for and futurist for Globalish, editor at large for SolPurpose, and regular contributor to Reality Sandwich, Michael writes about – and from – the intersections of emerging planetary consciousness, accelerating techno-culture, visionary art, and a cosmic vision that transcends our evolutionary narratives entirely.

The goal: to heal the alienation and disenfranchisement of our modern age by showing people how each human life is inextricably a part of something vast, mysterious, and awesome – pointing to the common core of science, art, and spirituality with equal dedication to both playfulness and rigor.


Michael Garfield writes music for the head and heart – intelligent, emotional performances that captivate attentive audiences and reward repeated listening. Alternately tender and apocalyptic, simultaneously chill and energetic, his intensely technical yet vulnerable music reimagines folk and psychedelic rock alike, updating "solo artist with guitar" to suit an age of existential wonder, cybernetic systems, and emerging planetary consciousness.

Michael's music has been featured in the award-winning PBS documentary series Arts in Context, as well as on numerous podcasts (including Expanding Mind and The Psychedelic Salon). Passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration, he frequently co-improvises with fire dancers, aerialists, live painters, and visual projectionists.

Founder of the groundbreaking monthly Loopers' Night and Paint Jam ATX residencies in Austin, Michael leads an ever-growing cast of artists and musicians into daring and delightful cross-media adventures.